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Commercial Division  of Tank Painting

 High Rises Raido Towers Light Poles  Casinos Multi Apartments & CondominiumsHotels  Schools Office Buildings  
Vinyl Wall Covering  Train Cars Airplane hangers

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*Anti Graffiti

Do you need Information on  Protecting against graffiti vandalism?
 We provide Graffiti removal, graffiti removers, or anti-graffiti? Successful graffiti removal program.
We can assist you with what it takes to control graffiti aerosol vandals, or graffiti art.
Whether it is using spray paint on trains, subways, walls, or kids bombing with spray can art,
we have answers to your graffiti questions.




We Remove and Clean up Apply Anti Graffiti Coatings From Public Transport Train stations Rail Road Cars, Building sidings building and Structures Bus stops, Trains Road, Rail Sporting arenas Stadiums, buildings, Over passes Bridges, Fences, signs, Property Managers, Buildings, structures Signage,  walls, Building CompaniesFencing, walls, Education Buildings,
Buildings, signage, Government Buildings.


Large Multi Apartments &  Condominiums  complexes - Institution - Office complexes  Schools - Packing Plants - Process food facilities -  Hospitals - Parking garages - Restaurants  Care Centers - Casino's - Costco, New constructions, Remodels, Malls. Town houses, Pools,

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