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Water Tank & Tower Inspections

When you have a Water tower  125' + high above the ground.

Rust & corrosion showing on the out side. Is it Safe ?

Questions:   Is it a time bomb,  for a huge leak are contaminates getting in ?
Is it Rusty inside ?
  Are the welds on the legs strong and able to support the mighty weight of 
the water inside ? What if if  fell over would  someone be injured


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How often should we be cleaning / inspecting our water tanks?
The AWWA recommends inspection of drinking water tanks at least every 3 years. Frequency of water tank cleaning is dependent on your sediment accumulation and the requirements of your regulatory agencies.
 (AWWA M42)

Complete inspection, repair and rehabilitation
including flow studies, radial collector descaling and robotic inspection.
Valves and Gates - Assessment, repair and replacement.
Screens - Assessment, cleaning, repair and replacement.
Trash Racks - Assessment, repair and replacement.
Assessment and repair and replacement.
Crib intake Pipes / Outlet Pipe - Complete services including inspection,
cleaning, leak detection and mitigation

After you have completed your Inspection   
Tank Painting.com
Will provide you with the Repairs and coating that you
 reguire to keep you in bussiness

Water Tank Inspections

Water Tank Inspections - Water Tower Inspections  - Industrial Tank Inspections


# 1  Liquid Engineering Corporation
 is the nation’s most experienced in-service water storage tank cleaning and inspection service provider. Since 1992, LEC has set the industry standard for in-service water tank maintenance while servicing over 20,000 public and private  in 49 states.

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