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Sand Blasting  White Metal Sand Blasting 
 SPC 5, NACE 1, White Blast -SPC 6, Commercial Grade, 60% coverage - SPC 10, NACE 2, Near white blast

Our Sandblasting services include rust prevention and surface Preparation & environmentaly safe conditions

Dustless Green Sand Blasting
And  conventional Sand / Glass Blasting

Sand Blasting - Soda Blasting structural steel - Commercial Sand Blast cement floors - Water Blasting high rises,-
Glass Bead Blasting - Grit Blast inside tanks, - Shot Blast water tanks, - Water jet blasting stadiums, Hydro Blasting California sand blast, Utah water blast, water blasting, Texas beed blasting,Commercial Sand Blasting


For Lead Paint  we now use a Product with our Dustless Sand Blasting which nutralises Lead Paint


Ask us about it

Water tank Soda Blasting - Water Jet Blasting - Chemical Tank sand Blasting -Residential paint water blast -Hydro Blasting
- Bead blasting Wheel blasting - Hydro-blasting - Micro-abrasive blasting -Automated blasting - Portable blast -Blast cabinet
- Dry Ice Blasting - From Fine to Coerce Grit - Sodium Bicarbonate - Baking Soda Blasting -Water Blast Potassium Sulfate Blasting
Sand Blasting -Ground Corn Cobs Blasting -Walnut Shells Blasting -Black Beauty Coal Slag -Glass Beads Blasting -Non Glass beads Blasting -Crushed Glass Blasting -Aluminum Oxide Blasting
  Sand Blasted anPainted

Hydro Blasting

Commercial Sand Blast
-  Industrial Sand Blasting -

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