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When you have a Water tower  125' + high above the ground.

Rust & corrosion showing on the out side. Is it Safe ?

 Is it a time bomb,  for a huge leak are contaminates getting in ?
Is it Rusty inside ?

Are the welds on the legs strong and able to support the mighty weight of 
the water inside ? What if if  fell over would  someone be injured


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 Our Job is to provide our customers with the
full spectrum of water Tank Inspections &  tank painting.
 We provide you with  Water Tower and Tank inspection
Through our affiliate Company

# 1  Liquid Engineering Corporation
 is the nation’s most experienced in-service water storage tank cleaning and inspection service provider. Since 1992, LEC has set the industry standard for in-service water tank maintenance while servicing over 20,000 public and private  in 49 states.

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